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Here are links to some informative web sites...

Agricultural Education

California Agricultural Education
Resouces in agricultural education

Chemical Labels
UDMS Manufacturers Labels

UC Fruit & Nut Research 
UCD Fruit & Nut Research 

Equipment >> Orchard Sprayer

Airofan   Manufactures orchard and vineyard sprayers, dusters and fans since 1945.

Nelson Manufacturing Company   The makers of strong, dependable, and effective orchard sprayers and spraycabs.

Legal & Regulatory
Manufacturers >> Chemical

Bayer Cropscience
Research-driven, with business in Heathcare, MaterialScience and CropScience.

Dow AgroSciences LLC
A top tier agricultural company.

Monsanto Company
Monsanto is commitment to agriculture.

Monteray AgResources
An innovator in the agrichemical industry

Syngenta Professional Products
Industry leader in creating dependable pest management solutions

Wilbur-Ellis Company
A leading international marketer and distributor of agricultural products

Weather Information